"To see what every one else sees, but to think what no one else has thought."

Ideas - alone - don't change the world


Ideas change the world. With the power of imagination, we humans have stepped above the limitations of our biological roots. Thinking what could, should, and ought to be, is an essential part of humanity. Equally; step number one to creating a better world.


The next step is imagineering - creating in reality what one's mind has already seen.


There are millions of ideas lying about, hidden, in this world; in drawers, notebooks, word-documents, in people's minds. They will never be seen by other people. They will never improve the quality of life for the inhabitants of this world.


Don't let that happen to your idea. Let us all get together and share our best (or not so good) ideas, and see if we together can find ways to make them come true.


Yes, there is the possibility that someone might "steal" them. But remember that

1) it's not that easy to steal ideas, as the hard work is still needed

2) you've in that case got proof right here ;-) that you first thought of it


I will gladly share my ideas. I know that I won't ever get around to fulfilling them. I've been thinking about some of them for ten, fifteen years. I'd love to find someone to work with, be part of giving them live. But if not it's still better if someone else tries them out, even if I'm not apart of their coming to live.



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